Sunday, April 20, 2008

MJ vs Prince Party

I almost started not to go to the Keistar Michael Jackson vs. Prince party on Friday _ even though I wore my glitter shoes in honor of MJ _ because the line was so dang long to get in! This year, it was at Blvd on Bowery, and even though the party started at 10 p.m., when we got there at 1 a.m., the line was still wrapped around the block with about 200 or so people waiting in line!

Thankfully, my guy knew people who were further ahead on line so we just ever so slyly joined them (ok, so maybe that's not nice _ but you gotta do what you gotta do!)

Anyway, I digress _ let's focus on the music (courtesy of DJ Spinna). For those not in the know, the party features music by MJ and those related to him in some way (be it the Jacksons, Janet or Nas sampling an MJ song) vs. the music of Prince and his disciples (The Time, Apollonia, Sheila E. _ you get the picture).

Now even though MJ's side is the easy winner each time (truth be told, Prince doesn't have a lot of danceable jams compared to MJ), this year it was more competitive than usual _ maybe thanks to Spinna's mix. The dance floor was constantly crowded and while I got a few elbows in the back, it was worth it!!

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