Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MJ is always the perfect pickup ...

So, like I said, after the depressing Madonna Malawi documentary, I needed something to lift my spirits. And how convenient that Tribeca was also showing the very groundbreaking, most important musical film of all time that night _ "Thriller"! Their was face-painting, a dance contest and more to celebrate the 25th anniversary of that great album and video but of course I missed a lot of it ... I came in while they were midway showing the documentary on the making of "Thriller."

But it was loads of fun. There were at least 1,000 people outside to watch it on a beautiful night. Little kids were getting white gloves (see, MJ is kid appropriate). My girl Dara got her MJ on, and I got my white glove! John Landis, who directed the historic clip, was also on hand to sign autographs. It was cool hearing the excitement from people who had never seen the documentary (I've watched it too many times to count). Twenty-five years later, and it's still magical, and still manages to thrill.

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