Sunday, September 28, 2008

MTV Video Music Awards

The MTV Video Music Awards are yesterday's news, I know, but I did take a few cool pics of celebrities while I was out in La-La land. I got the best pics at the celebrity gifting suites, where the famous get free stuff just for being famous. Nice work if you can get it. :) I also snapped some pics in the press room during the VMAs, but they were kind of blurry ... hard to write and take pics at the same time!

The Baby Phat Fashion Show!

First off, lemme apologize for the pathetic delays in posting, for all two of you reading :) ... my computer was in the shop and I went away for a bit. Anyhow, I'm not a crazed follower of Kimora or Baby Phat, but the Baby Phat fashion show during fashion week always has the buzz for being the absolute craziest show with lots of celebs ... so I always wanted to check out the spectacle for myself, and always, always, I missed it. It was either MTV Video Music Awards getting in the way, or the Grammys, or just ... something. But this year, the planets aligned and I got a chance to finally go _ and it was the 10th anniversary! How appropros. Here are a few of the pics I took during the show. Not sure there's much here I would wear (or could wear, given the pencil-thin models) but it looked pretty cool to me!