Sunday, March 1, 2009

Whitney Houston's return ...

OK, I know I am crazy crazy crazy late updating this blog, if anyone follows ... but the Grammys, and its craziness kind of prevented me from getting back to my beloved blog, so ... apologies! but I have some pretty lovely pics to make up for it. I was lucky enough to cover the annual Clive Davis pre-Grammy party, which brings out the A-list celebs from all walks of life (Paul McCartney, Prince, Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, and Chris Brown and Rihanna _ pre-fight _ were in attendance.

There are performers every year (this year Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson and others were on the bill) but it was Whitney who was the star of the show, and she did not disappoint. She doesn't sound like 1989 Whitney, but she still sounds dang good.

Here are some pics of the performance!

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