Thursday, March 12, 2009

The career fates of Chris Brown and Rihanna

People can't get enough of Chris Brown, these days, but unfortunately for him, they're more interested in following the scandal surrounding his arrested for allegedly beating Rihanna than his actual music. He had to bow out of Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards yesterday because of the firestorm and word has it T-Pain is recording a new version of "Freeze" without Brown in it.

But a lot of people are riding Rihanna for reuniting with Chris.

This is part of an article I wrote on the whole saga yesterday:

Rihanna may endure a challenging road herself whenever she finally decides to relaunch her equally white-hot career. Already, she had seen her image transformed from pop's femme fatale to domestic violence victim whose decision to go back to her alleged attacker has been endlessly called into question.
¶ "What I think the caution is she has is not to let this incident define her. And I think that's the biggest risk to her career," said Bragman.
¶ An apparent reconciliation with Brown may only exacerbate that risk. Rap mogul Diddy confirmed he let the couple use his home to "talk about a situation they're in," and producer Polow da Don told the Los Angeles Times he was working with both stars on a duet (however,, citing sources it did not name, said the couple has not yet recorded a duet that was penned for them to be included on Brown's new album.)
¶ "I think people are critical of her, saying, 'Oh my god, you're crazy, what are you doing?" said Cori Murray, entertainment editor for Essence magazine. "Then there are people who are like ... they don't want to pass judgment on her because they don't know the whole situation."

I've included a link to the whole article. It's a mess and it keeps on growing.,4670,MusicBrownRihanna,00.html

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