Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Madonna seeks 'Mercy'

Madonna has confirmed to The Associated Press that she is indeed trying to adopt a little girl from Malawi, this time a girl whose about 4 years old named "Mercy." Here's an excerpt of the story I broke today ...
MCHINJI, Malawi – Madonna said Tuesday that she was following standard procedures in her adoption of a Malawian girl, her first response to accusations that that she is using her fame to speed the process.
The pop superstar also took her 3-year-old adopted son, David, to meet his biological father for the first time since he left Malawi in 2006. She and David later visited the orphanage in Mchinji, a village near the Zambian border, where he once lived.
"Madonna is committed to maintaining an ongoing relationship with David's Malawian roots," said Liz Rosenberg in a statement Tuesday morning.
I can't wait to see pictures of Mercy. David has grown up so much in the last three years! He looks happy ... hopefully Mercy will be happy as well!

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