Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DJ Cassidy's Birthday Party

pictures by nekesa moody

I am embarassed to admit it, but when I heard that DJ Cassidy was having a hot party for his birthday at Cipriani's, my first repsonse was: "WHO?" But apparently I am ignorant, because DJ is the hot dude who DJed Beyonce and Jay's wedding (had my invite not gotten lost in the mail I would have known) and has all these A-list friends; many of them were on the guest list for the bash.
We got there just as the party was starting and it was already a zoo. By the time we left, we could barely leave due to the crowd. I left early so all I saw was Cassie and Jermaine Dupri but apparently other celebs were in the mix; tragically, I left before Bell Biv Devoe performed: They sang my theme song, "Poison!" So so so sad.
Here are some pics from the night (as usual, taken by moi).

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