Friday, March 5, 2010

Janelle Monae's New Music Dazzles

So many artists are hyped, but few deliver on all the excitement when their music is finally unveiled. Janelle Monae is the exception. On Thursday night at the Rubin Museum, the pompadoured chantuese showcased the music on her debut album, "Archandroid," out May 18.

She didn't perform, but she did introduce the tracks, looking stylish in a black cape and white pants.

There were VIP's like Lyor Cohen in the packed house to hear the tracks, which are a psychedelic mix of funk, rock, soul with a Disney-esque slant. It's hard to describe, but amazing to hear.

Check it out yourself here! This is one of the first singles, "Cold War."


Christopher said...

I heart Janelle Monae, she is such an extraordinary talent and I'm very excited that both of her singles tightrope and coldwar sound awesome. Cant wait for the album to drop in May!

msangie225 said...

Yooooooooo Janelle Monae's album "ArchAnroid" drops May 18th!