Monday, June 29, 2009

Gone Too Soon

I've interviewed just about everyone in the game in the music business, from Madonna to Prince to Beyonce to Dolly Parton to Jay-Z, but the one person I've always wanted to talk to was Michael Jackson. It was partly because of course he is _ or was (sorry, it's hard to get used to talking in the past tense about MJ) _ the world's greatest and most complex entertainer. But also, I was a huge fan. Not in the sense that I blindly saw MJ as a god, but really connected with him and believed in his magic.

So it was with a heavy heart that last week, I found myself working on his obituary. I really can't believe he is gone. Michael Jackson has informed my entire life with his music, and been such a focal point for things outside of music. He was so much more than the soundtrack to our lives.

I went to his parents' house the other day and snapped this picture of the growing memorial to him; it's still so surreal.

Here's a link to my appreciation of one of othe most unique characters to ever grace this planet.

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