Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beyonce tops the box office!!!

Sasha Fierce dominated the box office this weekend with "Obsessed"! The "Fatal Attraction" knock off did about $28 million and was the most popular movie in the country.

Now I am sure you all know that "Obsessed" didn't rate well in critics' eyes ... in fact, if you check, it shows that most critics pummeled this flick. But who cares about critics? I saw the movie and it was so much fun. Is it glorified Lifetime flick? Yes? Is it over the top and campy? Yes and yes. But I think Beyonce and everyone is in on the joke, and have delivered a mindlessly entertaining flick that's a complete guilty pleasure. Check it out, you will have fun!

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M Feenz said...

Any flick that someone could define as a "complete guilty pleasure" is a sign that belonged on the shelves of Best Buy or Blockbuster and not on a big screen. But in all fairness, there are plenty of singers who have had some pretty ridiculous movies. Of course, the all-time worst was Mariah Carey's, "Glitter." Ummm....there was Madonna's "Desperately Seeking Susan" -- as a kid i liked that movie..but I don't know what critics thought about it....and my all-time favorite, Prince's "Purple Rain." I admit, I dogged the movie out on my blog...but it probably wasn't fair because I didn't see it for myself. I was just going on the feedback of others. Maybe I cop the bootleg from 125th. lol