Monday, November 17, 2008

TRL Bites the Dust ...

Man, remember the good old days, when "TRL" was hot? When we knew the Backstreet Boys were the next Beatles, when Britney Spears was a virgin, and when Christina Aguilera was a fresh-faced young cherub?

Well, those innocent, fun days were revisted Sunday, Nov. 16 when "Total Request Live" bid farewell to the airwaves with a three-hour extravagnza that featured Aguilera, Justin, Beyonce, and a bunch of other superstars who owed much of their success to "TRL."

I took some snapshots while reporting ... here are some of the photos, along with a link to my story.;_ylt=AtnKqO9D7afWYz9cyz5EZxtBr7sF

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